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SEA-LAVER(TRADITIONAL LAVER, DOLGIM, GREEN LAVER, GIMBAPGIM, SALTED DRY LAVER) Wando, as a place of origin of sea-laver, has inherited the tradition of more than 200 years of wisdom preserved by ancestors in this region who knew the real tastes of sea-laver.
SEA-MUSTARD(DRIED SEAMUSTARD, DOLMIYEOK, SLICED SEAMUSTARD) As a natural alkaline sea food, sea-mustard in Wando has preserved a fresh and delicate taste of natural seaweed.
SEA-TANGLE(DRIED SEATANGLE, SEATANGLE FOR SSAM, POWDER, PILL) Sea-tangle in Wando, which is called an elixir plant in the sea, has plenty of minerals and dietary fi ber as natural food.

Bada Myeongga understands the thought of customers.
We protect local fi shermen through a direct delivery system and provide the freshest marine products to consumers at low prices, also taking the lead in spreading of wellbeing culture by the control of quality. Bada Myeongga has played a leading role for popularizing marine products, as a manufacturer and distributor in Wando. Bada Myeongga is Korea’s leading brand in the distribution of marine products.

Company: Bada Myeongga Co., Ltd.
Product: Sea-Laver, Sea-Tangle, Sea-Mustard
Certification: HACCP
Address: Nonggongdanji-4 gil 12, Jukcheong-ri, Wando-eup, Wando- gun, South Cheolla Province, Korea.
Tel: 82-61-553-6455, 82-61-553-6457
Fax: 82-61-553-5722
Homepage: www.wandomall.co.kr
e-mail: jykim260@hanmail.net
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