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Our company is a cockle beolgyo Distribution of cockle and the purpose of processing and marketing was established in October 2012, Jungyimyeo cockle and cockle artifacts to sell now October 12 cockle artifacts, such as Japan Marubayashi suisan also helpful for the MOU.
In recent years, the Million Dollar Export Tower Award also selected September Our company is a domestic fi shery yiryeokje conducted to prove that you can enjoy and believe in it.

Product: Kkomakark(Ark Shell) Fried Red Pepper Paste
Certification: $1-Million Export Tower
Address: 214-124 Jangdo-gil Beolgyo-eup, Boseong-gun Jeonnam, Korea
Tel: 82-61-745-9907
Fax: 82-61-745-9908
Homepage: www.k-cockle.com
e-mail: cockles@hanmail.net
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