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SEAWEED FURCATASeaweed furcata is rich in various minerals, vitamins, and fi ber, which clean the blood and off er skin benefi ts. It has a high fi ber content to help prevent constipation and is low in calories, making it an ideal diet food. Seaweed furcata is also rich in amino acids and is believed to have excellent anti-cancer properties.
SEA STRINGSea string contains minerals, vitamins, protein, dietary fi ber, and iron. It cleans the blood and off ers benefi ts to skin while also facilitating metabolism and helping to prevent aging, obesity, thyroid conditions, disorders, anemia, high blood pressure, cancer, and other lifestyle diseases. It also helps to address intestinal issues.
SEAWEED TENAXLike other seaweed, seaweed tenax contains iron, minerals, iodine, and other nutrients that remove wastes and toxins from the body. It also produces hormones involved in the metabolism, nerve and bone formation, and protein energy synthesis.
A KIND OF SEAWEED ROOT (MEKABU)Mekabu refers to the head of seaweed. It is rich in dietary fi ber that helps prevent constipation and facilitate weight loss, making it an ideal side dish and accompaniment for liquor. The main benefi ts of mekabu include the outstanding anti-cancer properties of fucoidan and alginic acid to help with weight loss, prevent constipation, and reduce cholesterol levels.

Health and freshness, Blue Mountain Foods Blue Mountain Foods Co. focuses on customer wellness and lifestyles. In the 1950s, we at Blue Mountain Foods became the first in Korea to export products such as seaweed tenax and seaweed furcata to Japan. Our foremost priority is fresh ingredients, and we insist on natural flavors. With a corporate philosophy of pursuing skin health, seeking a disease-free lifestyle, and off ering a better quality of life by studying seaweed harvested in Korea, we aim to present customers with a life-changing gift through health-boosting food and skin products. Our top focus is on health, and we will strive to present you with benefi ts from the sea.

Company: Blue Mountain Foods Co.
Product: Seaweed Furcata, A Kind Of Seaweed, Root, Seaweed Tenax, Sea String
Certification: HACCP
Address: 34, Jangseong 3-gil, Yeosu-si, Jeollanam-do, Korea
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