Chambada upon its commencement of business at the completion of marine product processing plant in Hupo in 1997 with the management goal of “customer-centered, employee-centered, social restoration”, Chambada has been growing steadily ever since and established “Musang Scholarship” in 1998 to realize its management goal.
In addition, the company has been concentrating its eff orts in the product research and development with its one patent registration, ten trademark registrations, one design registration and six trademark applications.

Company: Chambada
Product: Ripened Mackerel, Stir-Fried Poulp Squid, Fresh Water Eel Roast, Sea Eel Roast
Certification: N/A
Address: 31, Gapyeong-Ro, Sinrim-Myeon, Gochang-Gun, Jeollabuk-Do, Korea
Tel: 82-63-564-0880
Fax: 82-63-564-8889
Homepage: www.chambada.com
e-mail: chambada@naver.com
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