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Daechang Food Co.,Std. was established in 1979, we has been making all eff orts for over 30 years to provide good quality seasoned laver. We have exported to Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, USA, Singapore and Thailand among others and sold in Korea through agents and through OEM, etc. We have always sought to refl ect in our products the customers’ likings and tastes in order to develop products customers want.

Company: Daechang Food Co., Ltd.
Product: Seasoned Laver 6types, Jaerae Dolgim, Daechang Dolgim, Roasted Laver
Certification: ISO 9001, ISO 22000
Address: 191-7 Yeonsan-Ro, Mokpo-Si, Jeollanam-Do, Korea
Tel: 82-61-278-4426
Fax: 82-61-278-4428
Homepage: www.chosunkim.co.kr
e-mail: chosunkim1755@hanmail.net
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