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For the first time in korea, Daeyoung Seafood Co., Ltd has exported welltrimmed dried anchovy to U.S since 2012 which satisfi es a strengthened FDA requirement on histamine levels.

Daeyoung Seafood Co., Ltd has specialized in marine products that are manufactured with the aim of LOHAS, in a brand entitled ‘Badachunji’ that is based on an eco-friendly, healthy lifestyle, in pursuit for human’s coexistence with nature.
The Company introduced a traceability system for sea food and processed products that opens all stages from production, distribution, to consumption, in order to provide consumers with safe and clean goods. Daeyoung Seafood Company commits itself to making Korean traditionl marine products in a cleaner, safer way.

Company: Daeyoung Seafood Co., Ltd
Product: Dried Anchovy, Badachumji Eoganjang & Fish Sauce, Cutted Dried Anchovy
Certification: HACCP
Address: 99 Sujeong-ri, gusan-myeon, masan happo-gu, Changwon-si, Gyeongsangnam-do, Korea
Tel: 82-55-247-8982
Fax: 82-55-247-8983
Homepage: www.badachunji.com
e-mail: tmdalswls@naver.com
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