With the cutting lines created with the laser cutting technology allows you to cut the seaweed neatly and convenient to eat. Gapyeong Pinenuts Seaweed comes baked with pinenut oil from yellow pinenuts (raw pinenuts) obtained with our patent technology and pinenut powder applied onto the seaweed. It has the distinctive fl avor and taste since it comes baked with pinenut oil and powder. It also is prepared with 100% solar salt and not so much salty and good for side dish or snack for all people from children to adults.


4 boxes of 5 bags respectively containing 6 pieces
3 boxes of 5 bags respectively containing 6 pieces+ 25 sticks 8g
8 boxes of 5 bags respectively containing 6 pieces
7 boxes of 5 bags respectively containing 6 pieces + 25 sticks 8g

Garimi Co.,Ltd. introduces laver products with pine nut oil to boost our customers’ health, keeping pace with the trend of concern for health. Our new pine nut laver is made by applying a coat of pine nut oil and pine nut powder produced and processed in Gapyeong, Korea, which is known for pine nuts. We will make a greater eff ort to deliver this delicacy to your dining table for a healthy and delightful life. Thank you.

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