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We, Godbawee Food Co., Ltd people, will try our best to produce the best quality products based on our experienced techniques for better manufacturing and service providing with customer satisfaction. We will always keep trying not to lose the original taste and scent.

Company: Godbawee Food Co., Ltd.
Product: Seasoned Laver(Godbawee Wild Laver), Seasoned Laver(Godbawee Green Laver), Seasoned Laver(Godbawee Traditional Laver)
Certification: HACCP, ISO 9001
Address: 557-1 Myungchun-Dong, Boryoung-Si, Chungcheongnam-Do, Korea
Tel: 82-41-931-2273
Fax: 82-41-936-2273
Homepage: www.godbawee.com
e-mail: godbawee@yahoo.co.kr
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