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We strive to create a place of high quality products in safe and sanitary environment. We ACTIVELY listen to the needs of the client and the market, and also focus on being a professional in understanding the quality and nature of seaweed and basic resources. We constantly challenge ourselves to improve the effi ciency in combining ingredients in the most harmonious way. We value on fundamental principles of creating high quality products.

Company: HAEMATT Co., Ltd.
Product: Pollack Roe Seasoned Lunch Box Laver, Pollack Roe Seasoned Full-Size Laver, Pollack Roe Seasoned Stir Fried Laver, Pollack Roe Seasoned Laver Flakes
Certification: ISO 9001, ISO 140001
Address: 343-1 Jiseok-Ri, Shindun-Myeon, Icheon – Si, Gyeonggi – Do, Korea
Tel: 82-31-632-1268
Fax: 82-31-632-1269
Homepage: N/A
e-mail: haemat@hanmail.net
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