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FEED OILA.V 0.7 MAX I.V 160~190 M&I 1% MAX

We have manufactured and provided the products correlated with fatty acid since 1987 and set to domesticate production of building materials and industrial sub materials related with chemistry which have depended on import.

Company: HanJin Industrial Co., Ltd.
Product: Feed Oil, Omega-3 DHA/EPA, Squid Liver Oil
Certification: ISO 9001, $3Million Export Tower
Address: 9-9 Manheung-Dong, Yeosu-Si, Jeollanam-Do, Korea
Tel: 82-61-651-9812
Fax: 82-61-651-9814
Homepage: hanjin.koreasme.com
e-mail: hanjin@hanjin.koreasme.org
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