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Human Well, founded in 2000 ,we have continuously expanded our product range to include each of green tea, saltwort, Kimchi and Wasabi as an additional ingredient to laver. We export seaweed laver products to Hong Kong, the U.S., Japan and Vietnam.
Human Well is dedicated to developing high quality products and contributing to health and wellness of customers.

Product: Seasoned Roasted Laver, Fried Laver Snack, Seasoned Roasted Laver, Seajoy Snack
Certification: ISO 9001
Address: No. 130, Noi-Gil, Nongong-Eup, Dalseong-Gun, Daegu, Korea
Tel: 82-53-652-3341
Fax: 82-53-652-0305
Homepage: www.humanwell.co.kr
e-mail: yd21suk@hanmail.net
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