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SEASONED POLLACK ROESIZE 240g, 500g, 1kg, 2kg, 5kg,10kg, etc.
Rich in vitamin E and tocopherol, it helps in preventing aging and promoting reproduction function. Its high vitamin A content is not only effective for protecting eyesight from failing, but also for maintaining healthy skin. The savory taste that’s gently delivered to your tip of your tongue pleases any appetite. It is also delicious when cooked in a stew with tofu and vegetables.

For two generations, Hyosong Green Food Inc. has been producing premium, handmade seasoned seafood using the finest ingredients. Unique and traditional methods are used to bring out deeper flavors and enhance nutritional value in our products. We aim to produce safe foods and develop a wide range of products while also striving to enhance quality and become a customer-oriented leader of the food industry.

Company: Hyosong Green Food Inc.
Product: Seasoned Pollack Roe, Seasoned Squid Cuttle Fish, Seasoned Pollack Tripe, Seasoned Small Octopus, Seasoned Beka Squid
Certification: HACCP
Address: 863, Namgunsan-ro, Hoehyeon-myeon, Gunsan-si, Jeollabuk-do, Korea
Tel: 82-63-468-3917
Fax: 82-63-468-3911
Homepage: www.hyosongfood.co.kr
e-mail: kimhoa1@hanmail.net
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