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This laver was produced from pure and clean waters and had lots of sunlight. So it tastes pretty good and smells good. Especially seasoned laver of Wando Jangbogo mulsan has good flavor because of moderate amounts of salt and sesame seed oil. Laver is representative seaweed of korean southern sea. The southern sea of Korea has great tideland and nutrient is rich. So it is known as the most proper place of laver farming.

2000 : start supplying products to famous internet shoppingmalls in korea
2004 : receive ISO9001 certificate
2006 : recognized as a promising SME of jeollanam-do. korea.
2007 : receive ministry of maritime aff airs and fisheries` traditional seafoodquality certificate
2008 : receive small and medium business administration`s innovative SME certificate
2010 : receive inno-biz certificate
2012 : HACCP compliance factory registered in KFDA(seasoned laver)
2013 : export promising industry certificate
2013.7 : convered to Jangbogo mulsan co.,Ltd.

Company: Jangbogo mulsan co.,Ltd.
Product: Seasoned Laver
Certification: HACCP, ISO 9001
Address: road5-7 Industrial complex of rural areas, Gayong-Ri,Wando-Eup,Wando-Gun, Jeollanam-Do, Korea
Tel: 82-61-555-2025
Fax: 82-61-555-2026
Homepage: www.wandoshop.co.kr
e-mail: wando2025@naver.com
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