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World’s Best Marine Product - Jeju Olive Flounder
World’s Best Marine Product - Jeju Olive FlounderProduced in the clean sea water of Jeju Island. Managed by thorough safety testing. Good for dieting because it is a low fat and high protein food. Good for healthy skin and cell revitalization because it has abundant collagen. The health functional food is rich not only in vitamin D, DHA and EPA but also in essential amino acids including taurine and lysine. A favorite food in Japan, a country which performs one of the most exhaustive quarantine inspections for marine products.

Jeju Fish-Culture Fisheries Co-Op, established in 1995 by Jeju fish farmers, provides you with Korea’s best representative brand: Jeju Olive flounder that is managed by using scientic cutting edge farming technology in a safe manner. Jeju Fish-Culture Fisheries Co-Op considers consumer safety its number one priority. It manages all steps thoroughly from production to management, circulation and sales. Before shipping, we perform safety tests for marine products. We continue providing high quality Olive flounder and doing consistent research to improve.

Company: JEJU Fish-Culture Fisheries Cooperatives
Product: Raw Fish, Sushi
Certification: $5-Million Export Tower
Address: 117 Donggwang-Ro, Jeju-Si Jeju Special self-governing province, Korea
Tel: 82-64-727-6105~6
Fax: 82-64-727-6611
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