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CONGER EELConger eel contains a lot of vitamin A, which is good for eyesight; niacin, which is good for heart; and many other vitamins and minerals which positively aff ect blood pressure, prevent atherosclerosis, reduce the risk of cataracts, help diabetic patients by enhancing insulin secretion, avert age related diseases, and improve exercise performance.
ARK SHELLFor immediate serving and better taste, it is recommended to keep this shell in the cold compartment from the freezing compartment for natural thawing one day before serving.
COCKLE SHELLSeasonal Products Produced from November to May.

Jin Hae Moolsan Co., Ltd. has been in the processing business of fisheries products for more than 30 years. We are doing our best to serve our customers all over the world, based on our advantages of youth, ambition and honesty. All of our employees are doing their best to provide fresh, safe, and high quality products to our customers. We want to prove the superiority of the Korean fisheries products through exporting of our products to Japan and other countries. Keep your eyes on Jin Hae Moolsan Co., Ltd. in the world market in the future.

Company: Jin Hae Moolsan Co., Ltd.
Product: Conger Eel, Ark Shell, Cockle Shell
Certification: HACCP
Address: 94, Nakdongnam-ro 682beon-gil, Gangseo-gu, Busan, Korea
Tel: 82-51-941-2400
Fax: 82-51-941-2409
Homepage: www.jinhaemoolsan.co.kr
e-mail: ijh2400@hanmail.net
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