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SEASONED LAVERHigh quality dried laver from mud flat of Jebudo (Portable size), SIZE 4g x 3P x 24pack
SHAKING SEAWEED SNACKDry laver by shaking (Various flavor), SIZE 26g x 20pack
ROASTED SEAWEED SNACKGreen dried laver from mud flat of Jebudo for side dish, SIZE 70g x 20pack

Meokbo Fishery Union Corporation pursues growth, hopes, reward, prosperity and satisfaction through its major laver brand and leads the healthy family food culture. As a fishery union corporation comprising 32 companies that cultivate seaweed in the uncontaminated west coast, this seafood manufacturer was established to globalize Korean traditional laver. “The Jebu-do laver produced directly in Hwaseong applies a traditional method and it is rich in proteins, vegetable fi ber, minerals and vitamin A, making it popular among everyone regardless of age and gender. Laver from this region has excellent taste and fragrance because Jebu-do has favorable conditions for cultivating seaweed with its widely distributed mudfl ats and water temperature that stays at around 11°C.”

Company: Meokbo Fishery Union Corporation
Product: Seasoned Laver, Roasted Seaweed Snack, Shaking Seaweed Snack
Certification: ISO 9001
Address: 185-2, Ssarijae-Gil,Seosin-Myeon, Hwaseong-Si,Gyeonggi-Do,Korea
Tel: 82-31-357-8592
Fax: 82-31-357-8593
Homepage: www.meokbokim.com
e-mail: meokbo9292@naver.com
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