DRIED ANCHOVYSIZE 5 sizes by length, 1.5KG/BOX
We always carry the best Korean anchovies because we have an auction to sort out the best quality of anchovies every morning. Anchovies are caught with fi shing nets in the clean southern and western sea during July to March, so the taste and freshness are our pride. Our annual transaction volume of dried anchovies is about 13,000M/T and the amount is over $100,000,000.

We are the “wholesale market corporation” selected by Seoul Metropolitan Government that was founded based on Korean law of marine products in 1984. We are the biggest dried seafoods wholesale company in Korea. We are in charge of handling the best price for the best quality of dried marine products with everyday auction. Our annual amount is about $150,000,000 and we have been trying to be the best leader in this business.

Company: Seoul Dried Seafoods Co., Ltd.
Product: Dried Roasted Laver, Dried Squid, Dried Sea-Mustard, Dried Anchovy
Certification: N/A
Address: 932, Yangjae-daero, Songpa-gu, Seoul, Korea
Tel: 82-2-407-7871~6
Fax: 82-2-407-6858
Homepage: www.seoulgunhae.com
e-mail: pear901@seoulgunhae.com
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