Seyang Co.,ltd is the one of reliable seafood supplier you can fi nd in Asia. We aim to our goal to supply safer seafood products. So far, we put our best eff orts to improve its safety and quality as well. Since our found year, we have been producing Top Quality Teriyaki Conger Eel products that perfectly fit to sushi and other products. Also, another Specialty is OYSTER since we are located at the city center of one of the biggest oyster farming area in the world.
Currently, we are off ering various frozen seafood such as I.Q.F oyster, Block Oyster, Breaded Oyster with Panko, Hard-Boiled Oyster in Soybean Sauce, Cooked Whole Shell Mussel, baby clam, Cooked Baby Clam, Teriyaki Conger Eel and etc.

Company: Seyang Co.,Ltd
Product: Frozen Breaded Oyster, Frozen Kabayaki Conger Eel, Frozen Oyster, Frozen Coastal Fish
Certification: N/A
Address: 360, Chungdong-Ri, Geumil-Eup, Wando-Gun, Jeollanam-Do, Korea
Tel: 82-10-5693-2678
Fax: 82-55-641-0429
Homepage: www.seyangseafood.com
e-mail: syseafoodkorea@gmail.com
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