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Our Babbaegi seaweed snacks are made perfectly using the best raw materials which is picked in the sea of Shinan and Mokpo to retain the wholesome flavor and nutritious quality of the seaweed.

SIZE 1/8cut 10sht 3ea(5g x 24pack)

SIZE 1/8cut 10sht 3ea(5g x 24pack)

Sunil Products Co., Ltd. sincerely thanks all the customers who have loved and cared Sunil Products Co., Ltd. equipped with hygienic and modern facilities, Sunil Products Co., Ltd. is being recognized for its excellence with its own brand ‘Babbaegi’ in home and abroad. Since we have produced patented distinctive laver, which contains Chitosan, based on know-how obtained from two generations, the products’ quality is recognized from adults as well as children.
Our Sunil Products will keep doing the best for the customers’ health, and put the best effort to produce more delicious quality laver by listening to all opinions of our customers.

Company: Sunil Products Co., Ltd.
Product: Seasoned Laver, Seasoned Laver with Chitosan
Certification: $1Million Export Tower, HACCP, ISO 9001
Address: 191-2, Yeonsan-Ro, Mokpo-Si, Jeollanam-Do, Korea
Tel: 82-61-273-6750
Fax: 82-61-273-6755
Homepage: N/A
e-mail: sunillaver@hanmail.net
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