Established as a corporate entity in September of 2012, we are in the business of producing and exporting, by air, domestically-grown seafood and agricultural products such as live turbot, olive fl ounder, sea cucumbers, and abalones.
Establishment of a business auxiliary research center- to reduce air distribution costs, researchers from the Korea Institute of Ocean Science and Technology are driving business development by way of a waterless transport system for live fish.

Company: The Ocean Co., Ltd.
Product: Live Golden Turbot, Live Abalone, Live Olive Flounder
Certification: N/A
Address: 75, Sinsan-ro, Jeju-si, Jeju-do, Korea
Tel: 82-70-4640-0650~3
Fax: 82-70-8299-0037
Homepage: www.theocean24.co.kr
e-mail: dh.kim@theocean24.com
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