Wandoabalone Co., Ltd. is a business specializing in abalone, established by putting together all the wishes of the fi shing people in wando to provide the hearty Wando abalones that have grown by consuming only the kept and sea mustard in the uncontaminated areas of Wando Sea. The company responsible for the marketing and distribution of the abalone is going to present you the pleasure from taste and health through the healthy wellbeing abalone foods which are produced by the fishing people in the uncontaminated sea areas of Wando located in the southernmost point. We are going to lead the popularization of the abalone foods through development and supply of various kinds of well-being abalone product and renovation of distribution system, and take the lead both in making the Wando abalone the best product in the world by expanding the overseas market and in promoting the abalone industry of our country.

Wando abalone Korea Co., Ltd., the professional abalone distributor selected by the Ministry of Maritime Aff airs and Fisheries is producing more than 80% of abalone in Korea. It was established by 1200 fishermen in Wando, the central government, and Wando-gun, the local government as they were inspired to participate in it as the major shareholders.

Company: Wandoabalone Co., Ltd.
Product: Live Abalone
Certification: N/A
Address: 975 Jookchung-Ri, Wando-Eup, Wando-Gun, Jeollanam-Do, Korea
Tel: 82-61-555-3600
Fax: 82-61-555-3610
Homepage: www.wakoreaglobal.com
e-mail: abalonekr@naver.com
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