LIVE OLIVE FLOUNDERSIZE 800g UP Per Piece, 1kg Up Per Piece, PACKAGING Live Fish Truck (2Ton or 4Ton), STORE 12°c~13°c In Sea Water Tank

We have Exported ’Frozen snow crab meat’ over 20 years to U.S. and European markets, so we accumulated lots of know-how with this items. If you contact us, you will meet best products and price.

Wonil Seafood Corp. has three olive flounder farms in Jeju Island and is the biggest supplier of olive fl ounder in Korea. Besides olive flounder, Wonil Seafood Corp. exports a variety of fisheries products such as crab meat and shrimps to the countries like Japan and the U.S.A. while importing various fisheries products such as salmon. Wonil Seafood Corp.’s olive flounder breeding technology has been highly recognized not only in Korea but also in other countries; in particular our olive flounder, which is exported to Japan, is bred in the crystal sea water and underground water, and it is just as good as the natural olive flounder in terms of its color and texture.

Company: Wonil Seafood Corp.
Product: Live Olive Flounder, Live Abalone, Frozen Crab Meat, Various Used Of Crab Meat
Certification: N/A
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Tel: 82-2-589-1731
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