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– Stamina food made with natural freshwater fish directly caught in Cheongpungho Lake.

– The fish porridge contains rich protein, vitamins, calcium and unsaturated fatty acid, protects five intestines, strengthens the resistance of cells, protects the mucous membrane of the respiratory system, revitalizes skin, blood vessels and intestines and maintains youth. It is good for those who have stomachaches, taste stomach acid in their mouth and suffer from a variety of diseases due to a weak body. In particular, it calms down the stomach when having a burning feeling in the stomach after drinking or feeling sick.

– It doesn’t cause any trouble in the stomach and is effective against stomach diseases because it is digested well. It is very eff ective when the digestive ability is reduced due to aging, during the convalescent period after diseases, or before or after surgical operations to restore energy.

– No fishy or soil smell. Soft, savory and nutritious food which boosts up energy.

– A simple and fresh fish porridge which adds fresh chili paste manufactured by YIjo can be enjoyed as a taste similar to that which a mother or a grandmother made for us in the past.

We deeply appreciate your continuing interest and encouragement. The present times of healing go beyond well-being and in the future will be led by traditional foods, including natural food, fermented food and aged food. Thus, Yijo manufactures and supplies only safe edible products which everyone can enjoy with confidence by using only strictly selected ingredients in a hygienic and clean facility under the motto, ‘food ingredients from nature.’
Yijo, the agricultural corporation, has been devoting all its eff orts to investigate and develop traditional sauces, the taste of Korea, in various ways to acknowledge them all over the world in the rapidly changing food culture. The state-of-the art computerized facility secures quality products, standard taste and rich nutrition. Yijo makes every effort to be a leader with the strongest customers’ confidence. Thank you.

Company: Yijo Agricultural Co., Ltd.
Product: Molgae Eojuk(Cheongpungro Molgae Eojuk)
Certification: ISO 9001
Address: 2095, Cheongpungho-ro, Cheongpuung-myeon, Jecheon, Chungcheongbuk-do, korea
Tel: 82-43-647-7400
Fax: 82-43-647-7402
Homepage: www.yijofood.co.kr
e-mail: swd21@hanmail.net
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