Olive flounder fresh Ginseng Perilla Leaf Wrap

Ingredients (Makes 4 servings)

Olive flounder 200g, tiny-sized ginseng 50g, shittake mushroom 100g,
beef(loin end) 400g, 20 perilla leaves, carrot 1/2, pine nut 10g,
flour 1/2cup, mustard sauce 30g

Sauce for beef
soy sauce 2Ts, sugar 3ts, starch syrup 1Ts, chopped Garlic 1Ts,
chopped spring onion 1Ts, ground sesame mixed with salt 1ts, pepper

Sauce for tiny-sized ginseng and mushroom
salt 1/4ts, vinegar 1/2ts, sugar 1ts


1. Clean and drain olive flounder, and slice it along the length and thickness of mushroom. Season it with salt, and vinegar. Cookr slight on the pan.
2. Put salt and mushrooms into boiling water for a short time. Season mushrooms with salt, vinegar and sugar.
3. Wash the carrot and slice it in the similar size of mushroom. Season it with salt and sugar. Wash and drain perilla leaves.
4. Put flour and water in a pot. Stir and boil till becoming paste. Beat softly the beef with the back of a knife and season it with sauce. Then cook it on the pan.
5. When the beef is cooked, put olive flounder, mushrooms, tiny sized ginsengm shiitake mushroom and carrot on the middle of meat and pine nuts on them. Wrap it with a perilla leaf.
6. Wrap with perilla leaves and put some paste at the tip of leaf not to be untangled.
7. Put them on the plate with sauce.