Olive Flounder Pea Soup

Ingredients (Makes 4 servings)

Olive flounder 200g, onion 1/2, pea 1/2can,
milk 1 cup, water 2 cup, butter 2Ts,
flour 2Ts, Salt, Pepper


1.Clean and season olive flounder with salt and lemon juice.
2.Fry pea and onion with olive oil. Put olive flounder and water 2 cips there and boil.
3.When olive flounder is cooked then scoop it. Use a sieve to mince.Separate the meat and broth.
4.Grin the meat with milk.
5.Fry butter and flour on medium heat until it turns brown. Pour broth little by little there and stir well.
6.Put grinded pea and boiled olive flounder into 5 and mash. Season it with salt and pepper.