|  Gapgak-ryu (Crustaceans) |

􀀊􀀁􀀊􀀁Saeu (shrimp) and ge (crab) are popular crustaceans used in Korean cuisines.
There are many types of shrimps, and they are categorized into 3 groups according to size: large, medium, and small.
Large shrimp is prepared by jjim (steaming), gui (grilling), twigim (deep-frying) or saeu-jeon (pan-frying).
Medium shrimp is boiled and served with salad. Small shrimp is dried or used to make salted shrimp.
Koreans eat both sea crabs and river crabs. Crab is steamed, used in guk (soups) or jjigae (stews),
or used to make soy sauce-marinated crab dishes. The Korean crab has a firm shell and sweet flesh.

| Jogae (Clam) |

􀀊 Clams develop a delicious fl avor after being boiled and are used in jeongol (hot pots), guk (soups) and jjigae (stews).
The corb-shell clam has a fresh taste and is ideal for clear broths.
The small Manila clam is used to make broth for kal-guksu (noodles in broth), and
the flesh is used for jorim (braising) and jeon (pan-frying).